Ebay; one of the worlds most common websites.
Don't trust sellers from there if you are buying designer products! Many lie and say they are authentic, but they are not!
seller: i promise you this louis vuitton alma bag is 100% authentic or your money back!
buyer: yay that's cool! *orders it and spends $1500*
buyer: (recieves package and purse)
buyers friend: ewwwww your purse is a FAAAKEEEEE!!
buyer: no its 100% authentic!!
buyers friend: no its not hun. i know what replicas and knockoffs of louis vuitton look like. you have one.
buyer: but i spend almost $2000 on a fake purse!!!!! and they promised it was real!!
buyer: (goes back to ebay, sends seller an email)
seller: (reads email and deletes) (laughs his head off because he ripped her off)
buyer: *cries for years*
by Kellllllllly June 28, 2005
Top Definition
a place where you can buy a 30 dollar toaster for a dollar and pay 29$ shipping
but atleast you didnt pay sales tax.....
by steff_G March 12, 2005
The only place where you can sell your soul and get $20 for it.
"Ebay is your new Satan!"
by Sarahsuke June 08, 2003
A site where one may bid on auctions for almost any item imaginable, (not just useless trinkets, as implied by the other definitions here), with the allure coming from the incredibly cheap prices of nearly everything that gets listed. Often, it is possible to find items listed at half their retail price. Granted, shipping costs are usually high, but an extra $5 on shipping doesn't overshadow paying $300 for a new graphics card that's being sold for $400+ everywhere else.

eBay is like life itself; there is a vast array of choices to suit every possible taste and desire, from furniture to video games, to electronics, to books and trinkets.

Fraud is generally not a problem, since there are thousands of well-known and trustworthy sellers, easily identifiable by their feedback records.
One of the great mysteries of life is the mentality of people who bid on auctions days before they end. Are they intentionally trying to drive the price up? Do they not realize that eBay is an auction site? Or are they so naive as to believe that others wanting to purchase the item will let their bids sit for days on end, without being outbid?

Even more mysterious are those individuals who choose to bid repeatedly and consecutively on particular items. What explanation there could possibly be for such irrational acts, I cannot even speculate...
by Al Shades July 28, 2004
A place where anything and everything can be sold. Anything.
I got some easy money by selling my depression on eBay. Now I'll try selling air breathed out by Ashlee Simpson.
by anonymous May 09, 2005
A place where you can buy pratically anything, and then you get a huge fucking shipping charge.
Shit, my 1 cent DVD has a $15.00 S&H change.
by MarioRPG January 09, 2005
Perhaps the only site on the internet where you can get a quarter for a dollar.
Here, you can get this cheap and fragile toy, a three cent value, at a starting bid of just ten dollars.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
corporate assholes who want to charge you to for using there website as a yardsale.
damnit, my account got suspended because i didnt pay my 5 billion dollar worth of ebay fees for listing a one dollar porno
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