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An online marketplace that you can buy almost anything(goods and services) either brand new or used.
E Bay = Electronic Bay
I bought a new laptop from e bay yesterday
by paris1 March 09, 2006
112 41
a place where you can buy a toilet because Paris
Hilton sat on it.
I bought 1 of Sylvester Stallones nosehairs off E bay.
This is a sicko world,have a nice day
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
100 41
An online auction venue site where

1) One can pick up several obscure, yet cool items that costs less than filling up your car

2) Postage and Packing costs more than the items themselves.

3) One may purchase the virginity of a young girl; a jar sneezed into by someone who caught cold from an ex-beatle; toast bitten into by Justin Timberlake and similar crap for absurd prices, but at least it overshaddows the postage.

4) You can find the items stolen from your house last week for less than the insurance gives you, thus making you richer.

5) You can garuantee at least 20 USD for balloon pumped up by fart gas.

6) Whatever you buy is garuanteed to be in worse condition than the picture

7) Something is always broken or missin, otherwise, you won't get it.

8)It states clearly in the rules that selling Item x is prohibited, but running a search for item x will result in several hundred results.

9) You may not purchase pictures of naked guys, but so long as a publication has at least one picture that is not of a naked woman, as many issues of playboy as you want.

10) One may get a higher price for the item on sale by bidding for with the same account that is selling, bar the number 1 added to the sellers account

11) One may purchase an extra day a week with one's child from one's ex-wife.

12) which money never returns.
Don't pay the postage- it's cheaper to fly to the seller and pick it up. Quicker too.
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004
93 37
A place where you get items for less than 50% of retail and pay the other 50% in shipping price.
Yay, I bought my brand new Green Pointer laser for 100 bucks. WTF?! I have to pay $100 to ship it from Asia?
by Renegade_R March 02, 2005
63 24
A large hole in the internet, lined with collector plates and Star Wars figurines, into which large amounts of money has fallen.
When George Bush woke up one morning and decided he might like his soul back, he logged onto eBay to see if anyone there had found it.
by global33 May 30, 2003
98 62
A place where you buy things you never thought you'd need.

A place where you sell things you never thought you could.
"what should i do with this snot-filled tissue?"
"why not sell it on ebay, last one went for £20"
"well, f*** me!"
by Prem Shah September 14, 2006
40 9
Slang for Fake. comes from the massive amount of counterfeit items being sold on Ebay auctions.
Dude, thats some funky looking ebay Nikes.
by Juggernaut June 21, 2004
79 49