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Perhaps the only site on the internet where you can get a quarter for a dollar.
Here, you can get this cheap and fragile toy, a three cent value, at a starting bid of just ten dollars.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
329 141
Great place to sell stolen stuff.
Ebay is a great black market.
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
146 39
A place where you can buy used underpants.
Ebay is an excellent online forum for the trading of second-hand undergarments.
by hocuspocus April 01, 2007
126 34
The biggest scam on the internet. People sell things and buy things through a billionaire's website. If you're a seller you get screwed, when a 'customer' buys an item, pays, and you send it to them. They file a claim that they never recieved it and Paypal jacks the money out of your account, even though they sent the item out already. If you're a customer, you buy something from a 'seller' and send them your money, and you never get what you pay for, or its all broken, used, a piece of shit, or ruined, or something worse than anything you could buy at a garage sale or the Salvation Army.
"I got ripped off on ebay."
by sternwise October 01, 2006
122 39
You sell crap online and get pathetic people to buy it.
i want to sell my used condoms on e-bay
by maherie May 01, 2003
183 102
internet site where you can unload all the useless shit you don't want anymore, even half used stuff, and people will pay you for it. Whoohoo!
I got $25 on eBay for that skanky perfume i used to wear, some people will buy anything!
by straight edge June 30, 2004
109 32
A place where you can find almost anything (whether inedible or not) to bid on. Human body parts have been sold at over 500 dollars. Bought by tin.
On E-bay, tin bought an extra arm and Jamaica.
by jvchen7 January 28, 2003
92 17