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to suck penis
That bitch got good neck
by face April 30, 2003
A government project used to control the weather. The msny hurricanes were thought to be results of extensive HAARP testing. HAARP stands for HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM.
"omg, HAARP is making anothr hurricane in my area!!!"
by face April 21, 2005
An "Elite Hacker."

It's usually just some retard who thinks he can hack you.
God, that guy is so l337 h4x0r
by Face May 13, 2003
1) A small woodland creature that lives in the hair forest in and around ones Anus. Usually the thicker said forest, the larger chance one would be infested by Butt Gnomes. Usually found in males, but females can become infected if they have a hairy anus as well.

2) Term used as a verbal attack. Who would want to live in a forest of anus hair?
Example 1:
Josh: "How are your Butt Gnomes doing?"

John: "I found one today, when I had my finger in my ass."

Jason: "I will rape him later."

Example 2:
Josh: "Look at my popped-up collar! I am the coolest man alive!"

John: "Whatever, I am pretty sure Butt Gnomes pop up their collars too... What a fag!"
by Face February 23, 2005
They like tha moon!
"We like tha moon!"
by face March 19, 2004
The act of getting close to a sexual encounter, but not quite pulling it off. It is usually used as a joke, especially useful if someone has lots of sex, or no sex at all.
Josh: "Dude, did you just see me talk to that chick"

John: "Yeah, you almost boned her" (Sarcastic)

Jason" "Oh yeah? I will rape her later"
by Face February 18, 2005
(verb) means you fucked up real bad and you are asking for the ass-whoopin of the century
by FaCe October 29, 2003

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