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the method of looking up, gathering out more info about a person though online networks, myspace, facebook, orkut, or other networks.
hey, what's that girls name that we met, i am going to start e-stalking her.
by Kash-A June 22, 2007
The practice of tracking a person online through email, instant messenger logs etc.
That new accounts wench at work won't go out with me so I'm e-stalking her.
by Howser February 16, 2005
When somebody stalks you through AIM. They continue to IM you despite blocking and any other meausres you take. The e-stalker continually changes the screen name or e-mail adress so they can continue to harass you. Usually occurs when an e-lationship goes wrong
After I broke up with Lydia, she began to e-stalk me
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
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