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These are the bases that you're trying to get to when you're online with someome. They are similar to the bases you would try to get to with the oppisite sex on a real date. This is usally during an edate. While on this edate you will try to get into someones "e-pants."
Man, me and Suzie were texting and I was rounding the e-bases with her during cyber.

Hey, I heard that you and Steph were having online fun... Did you get to the third e-base with her?
by C-pher January 17, 2007
When a co-worker spends half his day looking up references online pertaining to your name or nickname. Usually defined by a mancrush that would cause the coworker to look you up online to find more about you.
Matt just keeps looking up my name online. He must want to go on an e-date with me...the wacko! The Freaking e-stalker

Why does Matt keep sending me links to my nickname online? He must really have a Man-Crush on me...I think that he wants to get into my e-pant I think that he's e-stalking me..
by C-pher November 18, 2009
What you try to get into during an online edate with the opposite sex. Much like the real pants one would be trying to get into during a date in the outside world.

During an edate you're trying to round the e-bases to get into their e-pants.
Dan, I was chatting with Jenny and I totaly got into her e-pants...I got her off big time.

Bob, I heard that you were on an edate with Liz. So, did you get into her e-pants?
by C-pher January 31, 2007
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