A fucking pussy who likes dick up the ass
Omg, Dylan is such a Dylan
by dylanlikesballs May 10, 2014
A big Fuck-Ass loser with an undersized penis and a habit for sex with underage girls and old men.
Usually can be found humping a hobo's trash can in an old back alley.

Person 2: (calmly) Dylan is such a whore.
by #YOLO SWAG <3 August 28, 2013
Someone who is secretly really gay, a fag, someone who thinks he's a girl, gets caught up in girls drama, sucks in bed, is extremely ugly and has the smallest penis you will ever see.
Guy: That guy is a fag
Friend: Must be a Dylan
by Bobbyhummpy March 05, 2013
A pothead kid who thinks he's an important part of society because he can spraypaint on the side of a bridge. I would know because he's my brother.
Dylan is a douchebag.
by Noneyabizneesss October 28, 2012
Is an amazing friend that will always be there for you in your time of need

Funny and charming to say the least

Knows how to make a girl feel special

Has the biggest heart I know. Always willing to let people in.
Thank you Dylan for everything you do for me
by ggnotell March 06, 2012
I guy that likes to hump dogs. He especially likes golden retrivers.
guy 1: "dude dylan just gave my dog a hj"
guy 2: "thats dylan."
by leslie backhinding May 31, 2011
the coolest kid in the world. Has a huge dick. The best at having sex. Also, is a pimp. cute girls if u know a dylan give him a big hug
look at dylan over there with all those girls on him
by pimpest pimp eva April 17, 2011

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