A boy who is obsessed with a girl named michelle and would do anything to get her back
"yo dylan has been so depressed lately"
"yeah michelle dumped him"
"aw that sucks. he really loved her"
by dylancarm May 23, 2010
A man with such a carnivoris penis it rips his sexual parners intenstens out with every pelvic thrust. Also a nick name for a vagina. A term used when in the 727 area code, where vaginal ruptures are a commen disease.
Dylan stop! Your penis is rupturing my vagina!

Thats a nice Dylan you have there.
by doggy dog dog May 10, 2011
A kid who tries to convince people he is not gay, but when people call him gay he does not take offense, also was probably tuched by his uncle and liked it
Did you see Dylan I called him gay and he just laughed, Plus I heard he got raped by his uncle
the new slang term for a black person, usually used by people with Austrian ascents
dat dylan be stealin my wallet.
by pupps-r-cool June 24, 2011
cool rabbit in old tv series the Magic Roundabout. Plays guitar, and acts stoned.
Dylan: Yeaahh, man.
by KC_ANd_thE_anArCHIstS April 01, 2005
An emo kid who likes to pretend he isn't gay and wants to actually has sex with girls... also, probably has a small dick. Generally sings emo songs in largely public places.
Oh, that kid is such a Dylan - he's just an emo faggot.
by Sesshyrocksme April 14, 2010
a girl who thinks she's better than anyone else on the entire Universe a.k.a HUGE EGO. And does anything to fit in. Also,a two-faced bitch. Apparently,a Dylan "goes harddd".
I'm so hot! oh man,i just pulled a Dylan.
by igohardddddd October 05, 2009

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