A Retard and complete dumbass that is a horrible cocksman and cannot mac any bitches.
That faggot in the corner is such a dylan.
by Coxman69 July 18, 2014
A fucking pussy who likes dick up the ass
Omg, Dylan is such a Dylan
by dylanlikesballs May 10, 2014
A big Fuck-Ass loser with an undersized penis and a habit for sex with underage girls and old men.
Usually can be found humping a hobo's trash can in an old back alley.

Person 2: (calmly) Dylan is such a whore.
by #YOLO SWAG <3 August 28, 2013
A pothead kid who thinks he's an important part of society because he can spraypaint on the side of a bridge. I would know because he's my brother.
Dylan is a douchebag.
by Noneyabizneesss October 28, 2012
An amazing guy! Great at fixing things and working with his hands, Dylan knows how to make anyone happy. He does all he can for anyone, even if it means he gives up on something for himself. Dylan's' typically go through s rough patch in life, and its hard for them to get back out of the rut they fell in, but when Dylan finds that one person who can pick him up out of his rut, he soars and nothing can bring him down. He will then be attached to that one person for many, many years to come. Dylan is a fantastic human being, lover, friend, companion, family member, etc.
Girl 1: Wow! I can't believe you're dating Dylan, didn't you guys hate each other last year?!?

Girl 2: Haha yeah, but he saw i was upset one day and even though there was so much in his life that was going wrong, he helped me through my hard times, we've grown together since then.
by avidreaderbritt September 25, 2012
Dylan is probably the worst player and a HUGE jerk. He always makes fun of you and never apologizes. He only thinks of himself and thinks he is the most sexy dude on earth which isn't true AT ALL. He is popular but doesn't deserve to be. Sometimes he can be considerate but that is not very often. This is to you Dylan. You know who you are.
(Says things that aren't true, is VERY inappropriate, and needs to know his faults, Dylan!)
by fineas May 15, 2012
fat, unattractive and forever alone.
ewww look at that guy..
i bet his name is dylan.
by me-mwuhahahahaaa January 10, 2012

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