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An asshole who likes to take pictures of their penis and have sex with trumpets.
OMG that picture is disgusting! You Dylan.
by boojee December 14, 2008
85 136
A fucking sex-crazed nympho that needs to leave my best friend alone before I kick his ass.
Dylan tried to get with her again last night. FUCK YOU!
by dylanjayisafag! August 26, 2008
68 120
A fag who takes it up the ass twice a week.
Oh he got dylanend.
by wowzwers1234567890 April 11, 2009
48 104
a man who just straight up looks like a sloth. loves to mooch on other people and haves sex with guys
man hes such a dylan
by bhvjgajkdbflkavl February 13, 2009
46 104
A complete retard. He is very sexy, but very rude, a cheater. He cheats on everything, tests, girlfriends, basketball and football games. He likes bad music. He talks to himself alot, and texts in class. He has a new girl every ten seconds, because he is a good kisser and is hott but annoying. He always dumps people they never dump him.
Girl 1: he dumped me right after he told me he loved me!
Girl 2: he is hott, but man is he a dylan!
by BILBOTHEFRICKEER March 01, 2009
47 106
a nasty ass incest bitch. has many STD's. humps anything with two legs, well it doesn't even have to have legs..
"that dude's humping that chick!"
"that's his sister..."
"what a fucking Dylan!"
by ghetto:]] March 24, 2009
34 94
emo wanna be that thinks they're cool
person 1: haha look at that emo wanna be!!!!

person 2: lol what a Dylan
by SUPER EMO#1 January 03, 2009
51 119