cool rabbit in old tv series the Magic Roundabout. Plays guitar, and acts stoned.
Dylan: Yeaahh, man.
by KC_ANd_thE_anArCHIstS April 01, 2005
An emo kid who likes to pretend he isn't gay and wants to actually has sex with girls... also, probably has a small dick. Generally sings emo songs in largely public places.
Oh, that kid is such a Dylan - he's just an emo faggot.
by Sesshyrocksme April 14, 2010
a girl who thinks she's better than anyone else on the entire Universe a.k.a HUGE EGO. And does anything to fit in. Also,a two-faced bitch. Apparently,a Dylan "goes harddd".
I'm so hot! oh man,i just pulled a Dylan.
by igohardddddd October 05, 2009
Sexually confused antichrist like creature. Often seen wearing a long, black leather trench coat circa 1987.

See also: vampire zombie immortal confused
See that guy over there in the black leather trench coat with the plastic vampire teeth and the stuffed bra? I think he's a Dylan.
by WhassupYoYoMaMa? February 02, 2010
hottest boy alive most likely to be mistakin with a girl.very queer but lovable. mostly very crazy and loves the sport football.
may have tourets
girl:dylan you rock
dylan:haha ahh shit thanks
by ihatemymom66 October 08, 2008
a faggot that likes to in fact suck dick. he is a person that likes to eat whales shit with a fucking dick ring, he also is a pedophile and likes to be anal raped up the ass.
dylan is a nigger loving hobbit bitch ass cunt
Dylan is the name of a rabbit from the old Magic Roundabout series. He is very chilled out and calm. He often spends most of his time sleeping. But he plays his guitar and guards his mushrooms as well. He is the only bipedal animal character out of every other animal. He is actually based on the singer known as Bob Dylan.
Dylan: Like...uh...what's wrong, man?
by Ray Coon April 13, 2006

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