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Dylan is the name of a rabbit from the old Magic Roundabout series. He is very chilled out and calm. He often spends most of his time sleeping. But he plays his guitar and guards his mushrooms as well. He is the only bipedal animal character out of every other animal. He is actually based on the singer known as Bob Dylan.
Dylan: Like...uh...what's wrong, man?
by Ray Coon April 13, 2006
72 109
a faggot that likes to in fact suck dick. he is a person that likes to eat whales shit with a fucking dick ring, he also is a pedophile and likes to be anal raped up the ass.
dylan is a nigger loving hobbit bitch ass cunt
28 66
A creepy guy who develops an unhealthy obsession for every female he meets. Does not understand the word "no", and can be told off hundreds of times and not take any offense. Cannot take a hint. Is always happy and never gives up when he has a target. Also see stalker.
Oh god, Dylan is looking at us.
by The_One-Who_Knows January 09, 2010
45 84
a guy whos loves to make out with younger women usually atleast 2 years. they also may use numerous condoms during sex, e.g 7-8. they are also get raped by school, socom, life etc.

and last of all they shuffle 4 life.
KID 1: yoo, that kid looks like a dylan.
KID 2: i thought it was kilner10?
KID 1: yoo nah man he is just a dylan.
by jaxon77 June 07, 2009
32 72
See asshole
You are being such a Dylan.
by Stuckinthe90s January 20, 2009
96 136
Noun. A person(s) who stalks little girls sort of like a Pedofile. Actually, more like a pedobear.
Oh gawd look its Dylan, at it again.
by raw_power April 01, 2009
52 98
Verb. The act of fiending a game, or any other activity, until you are amazing at it. During this process of obsession, you must neglect everything else in life, including you friends and/or family, as you chill at home and perfect your craft.
Jonathan and Bob dylan Guitar Hero III.
by Gong Xun (the thug) February 11, 2008
89 138