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Game involving the name calling of a player, dweeb. Created in 2006 by Jark, Neff, and Townsend. Played with two players. Player one summons player two by simply speaking, "Hey (insert second player's name or nickname)." At this point in time, the second player will acknowledge the summon. If the second player replies with "P-tec" (short for protection), player one may not dweeb them. However, if player two replies with anything other than "P-tec" (including a two second acknowledgment look), player one may call player two "dweeb."
"'Hey Tim Neff.' 'P-tec!'" or "'Hey Dylan!' 'Sup?' 'Dweeb.'"
by Tim Neff May 08, 2007
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Noun... person who is under you in rank, who does your grunt work.
Example: "He is my dweeb"
by Mark Nightingale May 29, 2005
Dweeb is an acronym for either "dick with ears or eyes". However a dweeb is one who ineffectually partakes in excessive use of useless accessories.
A)A climber that is a total techno-dweeb, will pack to the base of a climb that is a 100' finger crack, gads of ten inch tube chocks.
B) that guy is such a macho-dweeb, he had a beautiful girlfriend who finnaly dumped him because he would constantly run across a bizzy street and get into a fistacuffs with some guy he percieved as having had simply "looked" at "His bitch".
by ifunky2 November 18, 2004
In normal circles, dweeb is considered a dork or nerd. For those of use growing up in the 80's, dweeb is the area between the vagina and anus on a woman, or ball-sack and anus on a man

Otherwise known as a chin-rest.
Her dweeb was as hairy as my chin!
by KhakiMan August 06, 2007
'Dweeb' is some kind of cuss given by all chavs and townies they make it sound like its really going to upset you
townie:'oi your a right dweeb'(put on with a lisp)
moi:'why am i a dweeb???'
silence why don't they give you a reason??
by jd! April 27, 2005
weed, marajuana, etc. you know you want some, come GET SOME NIGGA, you tryna get O's gamed motha fucka.
yo man i'm tryna get O's gamed this weekend, you wanna try to get some dweeb?
by tru nig April 19, 2006