Dog Whisperer
Can't wait to Watch the DW on NATGEO tonight
by talvod April 21, 2011
Dirty Weekend

When you plan a trip away with someone for the express purpose of having lots of sex.
Jessica and I just got back from an awesome DW.
by ChevronZA February 19, 2015
A brand of custom made drum kits and other drum hardware. DW stands for Drum Workshop. Apart from custom sets, they do have standard sets although very customizable. Very sick shells and they sound amazing.
I saw the new DW kit in DRUM! magazine for 12,000 dollars!
by SparrowPrince16 September 08, 2008
DW=dick wet
an abreviation for "Dick wet"
im gonna call up your sister so i can get my DW tonight
by GOOOOOO January 31, 2008
Also a Nickname for Dark Wing Duck, famous cartoon character from the 90's
"When you're in trouble you call "D.W."
by Darrel Waldrip June 07, 2005
An abbreviation meaning dick wet often used between friends after they went home with someone the night before.
"Hey man you get your DW last night?"

"You get you DW?"
by abbreviation RY February 05, 2010
Do work. Should not be confused with do work son. Do work is more then just a saying but a way of life.
by taas July 10, 2008

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