someone who indulges in procrastination and often has tendencies verging on the suicidal
oh man he's dw'ing again
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
When a male has a strong desire to have sex, to get his "Dick Wet," his "DW," if you will.
Guy # 1: Dude, Steve just left with that really drunk girl.
Guy # 2: He's just trying to get that DW!
by ms.jaaaaaaaaaay September 15, 2009
Dick Wet
This means after you fuck a chick you got your DW meaning you got your dick wet
Tony that faggot couldn't get his DW with that hot bitch! he must be gay!
by FuckYeah! November 22, 2006
Dick-whipped; a woman that does anything that a man tells her to no matter what it is.
Damn, I'm DW'ed... my boyfriend told me i couldn't go skiing with my friends so i didn't.
by blabbermouth January 07, 2005
Darrell Waltrip, former NASCAR Winston Cup champion and current NASCAR on Fox analyst, known for his yelling of "boogity boogity boogity!" at the start of each race. Also currently drives part-time in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.
Larry McReynolds: "DW, reach up there and pull them belts tight before we get goin'."
Darrell Waltrip: "Let's go racin', boys, boogity boogity boogity!!!"
by D2RCR January 31, 2004
a dick watcher.
dont change infornt of him hes a dw
by zak December 14, 2003
Stands for "dildo whip", and entails a person hitting someone with a sexual aid, that being a dildo. It's brill, really.
Receiver: "Wolf Blass, like fuck, she's fair overrated guys, like c'mon, I'm pretty hard. Like, you know I'm... I'm j'st, j'st, y'know, I'm pretty hard."

Giver: "DEE-Dub!" *performs standard issue regulation DW*

Onlookers: "Good laaaamb. Bloody brill."
by Hammond (M'nd M'nd for short) December 13, 2003

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