Stands for "dildo whip", and entails a person hitting someone with a sexual aid, that being a dildo. It's brill, really.
Receiver: "Wolf Blass, like fuck, she's fair overrated guys, like c'mon, I'm pretty hard. Like, you know I'm... I'm j'st, j'st, y'know, I'm pretty hard."

Giver: "DEE-Dub!" *performs standard issue regulation DW*

Onlookers: "Good laaaamb. Bloody brill."
by Hammond (M'nd M'nd for short) December 13, 2003
Demon Wench.
A woman or girl who has permanent PMS. Can often be found in forums and chat-rooms banning people for no reason.
Example chat:

09:34:27 <Victim> Hi :)
09:36:40 <DW> You're out of order
09:36:52 <Victim> ???
09:36:56 <DW> Don't give me that, you know what.
09:37:05 <Victim> I don't know what you are talking about.
09:37:10 <DW> !ban Victim
by Satans_Little_Helper August 12, 2005
Dirty White. Trashy, white, trailer park people who have nothing better to do than get drunk and cause domestic disputes.
Look at those chicks fighting again. That girl ain't nothing but dw.
by Tasha Ann September 23, 2006
The young chap who introduced me to the delights of Angela Devi
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
Do Work. used as a substitute for Handle that, or put in the work, or make a move on.
D.W son.
bout to D.W on this food man.
Yo, D.W on that chick over their.
by mike mangaloid June 22, 2009

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