Also a Nickname for Dark Wing Duck, famous cartoon character from the 90's
"When you're in trouble you call "D.W."
by Darrel Waldrip June 07, 2005
What people called Dark Wing Duck when he was not saving people
waz up DW
by purplemonky November 24, 2003
Do work. Should not be confused with do work son. Do work is more then just a saying but a way of life.
by taas July 10, 2008
Acronym for dick wet, is the act of getting your dick wet. Generally referring to getting wet through vaginal penetration, it can also on occasion refer to oral penetration. But most often is referred to getting your dick sopping wet by penetrating a dripping wet vagina.
So much DW last night!

I got gallons of DW last night!

Brb, getting dick wet.
by paulofrosty December 13, 2010
D.W. abbrv. 'Danger Wank'. The practice of sly masturbation in public places.
'Where's Chris?' - 'Oh he's just popped out for a quick D.W.'
by Gnasher69 August 21, 2009
someone who indulges in procrastination and often has tendencies verging on the suicidal
oh man he's dw'ing again
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
Abbreviation for dick-wiener. Used frequently in conjunction with VWs, or Vitamin Waters.
"I hate when you reach for a fresh VW and end up downing a DW instead."
by homber October 21, 2008
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