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something that must be passed on the left hand side.
Pass the dutchie on the left hand side.
by panonymous765 May 11, 2009
560 176
a BLUNT rolled with the wrapper of a dutchmaster cigar.
hey, man, you gonna smoke that whole dutchie or you gonna pass it my way?
by Pyair September 15, 2005
528 223
A joint made from a Dutch Master Cigar.
Pass the Dutchie on the Left Hand side and fix that canoe.
by Dr Know It All December 04, 2003
511 307
A cast iron cooking pot of the kind hung over open fire.
The now (in?)famous Musical Youth lyrics were changed from 'Pass the Kutchie(joint)' to 'Pass the Dutchie' to make them acceptable to prudish American radio stations.
by Ras September 25, 2003
246 211
Not to be mistaken for a blunt or marijuana. This is referring to painkillers. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxycontin, Percocet, etc.
Passing the dutchie means to give that person some good shit to nod off on.
Bro 1: Cause of surgery i just got a fat bottle of percocets!
Bro 2: Pass the dutchie man
Bro 1: *gives Bro 1 a couple perkies*
by Schoolboy B July 11, 2014
0 0
A belittling or endearing term for Dutch people.
Oh, he's a Dutchie!
by Nikki Delfino August 11, 2011
30 34
n. A cooking pot used to cook food.
Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth was a cover/remake of Pass the Kutchie by The Mighty Diamonds. Kutchie being a joint.
by Krazykillaz October 27, 2005
109 121