Dutchie, (duh-chee) verb.

The act of dropping a gas bomb beneath the covers and then yanking said covers over your partner's head.

Best done when exacting revenge on said partner after a brutal quarrel.

Synonym: dutch oven
Bob: Had a fight with the old lady last night. She thinks she won.

Jack: No joke? How'd you win?

Bob: I pulled a Dutchie on her when we hit the sack. I laughed my a** off!
by Mr. $mithers January 15, 2011
one who is of the dutch persuasion.
that man is a dutchie!
by SPS Industries July 07, 2005
A raisin and honey fritter, found at a Tim Hortons franchise in the hands of middle-aged women of all ethnicities.
I'll have a dutchie with my medium iced cappucino.
by Alfred E. Neuman June 02, 2004
Referring to a conical shaped joint that includes tobacco and marijuana and includes a small filter. Often rolled from creating a "L" shape turned 90 degrees counterclockwise to create a joint of substantial length. Smoked like a cigarette as the tobacco affords a smoothness not typical of straight marijuana joints. Often toked 3-4 times before passing creating a more peaceful smoking atmosphere. The name is derived from, you guessed it, the Dutch, whom like most of the same weed smokers in the world have enough sense to mix marijuana and tobacco for added flavor and smoothness.
We smoked three dutchies then I watched this infomercial about the Rondo 3000.
by Joshua K May 08, 2006
A square, yeast donut containing dried up raisins and sporting crusty glazing. Commonly known for it's overdue shelf life.

Can also be used as a term to describe just about anything.
I'll have a large coffee black with a dutchie donut. OR Man, that guy was a dutchie!
by kschwa April 08, 2005
Someone from the sexy land of dutchiness- dutchieland. Wears sexy traditional dutchie clothes ;)
"I think i may have to lick that dutchie!"
by *Addy* January 30, 2005
Someone who is cheap with their money and wont shout for his/her mates.
"why didnt you buy me a beer you dutchie"
by razza1 December 14, 2009

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