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Dutchie, (duh-chee) verb.

The act of dropping a gas bomb beneath the covers and then yanking said covers over your partner's head.

Best done when exacting revenge on said partner after a brutal quarrel.

Synonym: dutch oven
Bob: Had a fight with the old lady last night. She thinks she won.

Jack: No joke? How'd you win?

Bob: I pulled a Dutchie on her when we hit the sack. I laughed my a** off!
by Mr. $mithers January 15, 2011
one who is of the dutch persuasion.
that man is a dutchie!
by SPS Industries July 07, 2005
A raisin and honey fritter, found at a Tim Hortons franchise in the hands of middle-aged women of all ethnicities.
I'll have a dutchie with my medium iced cappucino.
by Alfred E. Neuman June 02, 2004
Someone who is cheap with their money and wont shout for his/her mates.
"why didnt you buy me a beer you dutchie"
by razza1 December 14, 2009
A square, yeast donut containing dried up raisins and sporting crusty glazing. Commonly known for it's overdue shelf life.

Can also be used as a term to describe just about anything.
I'll have a large coffee black with a dutchie donut. OR Man, that guy was a dutchie!
by kschwa April 08, 2005
Someone from the sexy land of dutchiness- dutchieland. Wears sexy traditional dutchie clothes ;)
"I think i may have to lick that dutchie!"
by *Addy* January 30, 2005
like a dutch oven, but when you and a few other mates have a few cones in ya car with the windows up.
keeping in all the smoke so you all get extremely high
yo dude, you wanna have a dutchie in my car tonight. yeah hopefully the pigs dont drive past...we'de be fucked!
by dirty dozen kuniva July 10, 2008