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Fried dough, typically fruit filled. Can be classified as a fried pie or a turnover.
Fritters, also known as fried pies, are amazing.
by Amy Belaus December 11, 2007
a newly coined term for lazy, stupid, white people.
Man, look at all these crazy fritters here at the fair...and there's a lot of deep fried stuff to eat too.
by mr. whitey October 15, 2012
Genreal insult for someone making a fool of themselves or doing something embarrassing.
"You are such a fritter."
by PossumP April 30, 2010
(plural: Fritters)
n) a portmanteau of Friend and Twitter - essentially, a Friend on Twitter.

Likely, this friend is either of the wrong age or lives too far away to be a real life friend, but is someone who you can constantly have tweet-based conversations with.
"So I was talking to one of my fritters the other night..."
"Oh, my best fritter posted this awesome link..."

example_user: Goodnight #fritters! It was good talking to you. I <3 my fritters!
by isthiscanon October 07, 2009
to totally freak out, to panic, to speak in strange tongues out of stress/fear/anxiety
"Whoa, Darcy, did you hear that guy? He was totally frittering out."
by hug_a_musician January 28, 2009
some type of german dessert...but my friends refer 2 it as r boobs!!! ya!
damn i'm so jealous of your big fritters
by toriborifori...idk September 13, 2007
1.A real dense and and slow witted female that tries to act much too mischievous for there own good and troll while always getting caught in the act on a online forum.

2. A young southern racist white woman that likes black men or dildos almost to the point of obsession. The ultimate Oxymoron
1. She tried to troll me man but she is a fritter, always misspelled the same words and is from the same city....

Yeah man she frittered us for sure....LAWLZ

2. You see Becky just hounding those black guys over there in front of her cousins from Arkansas?
Yeah she is fritter for sure cause they are white power movement!!
by The FrizZz January 12, 2011
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