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No Reason Boner, getting an erectefied penis for no specific reason.
"dude, yesterday in math class I got a huge N.R.B. out of nowhere.
by Lorenzo October 12, 2004
word which is refering to a pussy in a different language.
"When we went door bell ditching last night John was a real peachca."
by Lorenzo October 12, 2004
to cycle around concluding a series of small drug deals with the ultimate intention of paying josh and/or scoring some gwaan to aid the enjoyment of F-Geezy
wheres boons, i've got the new series of FG and pastas on the stove

He's muling it

I should have known
by Lorenzo January 17, 2005
starbucks coffee
I'm gonna hizzy up to starbizzy
by Lorenzo November 03, 2003
to dance for a long time for a small amount of money,possibly wearing a duvet
is he disco-queensing

no doubt, pete gave him fifty pence
by Lorenzo January 17, 2005
short for Scarface, the Al Pacino film
Face is heavy

yeah lets watch face
by Lorenzo January 17, 2005
This is my word I use to denote your typical college town USA with its pretentious artsy-fartsy liberal crowds. Examples of the middle-class stolidity and complacency, many of Skunksville, USA denizens consider themselves writers and artists.
They have too much time at their hands.
Professor Leo Spritzer is such a respected memeber of the University of Skunksville's liberal arts department.
by Lorenzo November 05, 2003

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