Top Definition
a sexy boy

who is smart and not dumb
a sexy man who name is Mc lovin Diaz
and gets all the hoes because he is smart
by Mc lovin August 04, 2007
A perfect man; flawless man
wow , your boyfriend is a real Diaz...I wish I had him
by JayDiem January 19, 2011
to cover one’s oversized erection with ones necktie. Just jerk it to get rid of it. Then it will shrink and you won’t have to hide it.
Whoa that fat guy just pulled a diaz.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
A modern slang for dipping tobacco. Originating in Houston, Texas.
Jones: What's in your lip?
Chipper: Diaz bro.
Jones: What flavor?
Chipper: Griz straight.
Jones: True yo, can i grab a pinch?
by Harryhkhk February 07, 2010
A racial slur for a black person.
I saw a fat diaz struttin' with her blang on.
by xtremeham July 10, 2008
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