Usually "The Dust". Similar to the "Cloud", but doesn't function reliably; mainly internal in the corporate world but also impacts standard users. Also, the unseen IT department responsible for maintaining the network and information.
Jim: Hey, John, is your file sync working? The boss told me he needed this presentation uploaded by 2 pm...
John: No, it's been down all day. There was an e-mail saying it was fixed, but it looks like The Dust is up to their usual high standards!

Maria: Tina, how come you didn't comment on my status? I totally thought you'd have something to say...
Tina: I haven't been on Facebook all day, looks like Zuckerberg's Dust is planning another annoying update we'll all have to get used to.
by The Ponz July 22, 2012
"I must have been smoking dust last night, because I thought we were fine those first couple of days." A line from author Juno Diaz, in his book "This is How You Lose Her"
by esperanza September 17, 2012
1. Fine, dry particles of matter
Dust is found in copious amounts inside Arsenal FC's trophy cabinet.
by 34years... March 01, 2010
Going faster than someone else, particularly in some sort of formal or informal competition ; in driving, running or walking. As in "leave in the dust".
He was running at a good pace and I was a little behind him, but when we got to the hill I dusted him. I never saw him again.
by cyberfool April 21, 2009
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