Dick rust
"Man, that's some nasty dust on your wiener."
by RossOsage June 21, 2013
to run up the stairs and teef mini eggs
you totes just did a dust
by sirlaxalot103 April 25, 2011
What crust turns into after a long aging period.
Ron, why is your room covered in dust?
by Dippykins July 07, 2008
To run away from, usually used as an order.
Tell that dingus to dust off.
by PCooper May 06, 2008
mean one thing: Money,mostly used in chicago
yo kid u moved that dust over to ya boi
by miss shyster November 19, 2006
To hit someone with brass knuckles or a knuckleduster
He got dusted so hard he forgot his own name.
by Combat 84 June 28, 2004
To end anything. Usually means you are leaving or are done with the current activity or you are tired.
Lu: C'mon, play one more game of Madden.
Joe: Nah man, I'm dust.
John: I'm leaving the party, I'm dust.
by D.C. Goddy June 14, 2008

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