to run up the stairs and teef mini eggs
you totes just did a dust
by sirlaxalot103 April 25, 2011
<Verb> The act of pummeling or winning at a certain game or sport.

(Best Example) While losing a game by a fair amount, talking to a teammate, "Dude we're gettin' dusted."

"I'm Dusting at this game man."
by North22 March 10, 2009
What crust turns into after a long aging period.
Ron, why is your room covered in dust?
by Dippykins July 07, 2008
To end anything. Usually means you are leaving or are done with the current activity or you are tired.
Lu: C'mon, play one more game of Madden.
Joe: Nah man, I'm dust.
John: I'm leaving the party, I'm dust.
by D.C. Goddy June 14, 2008
To run away from, usually used as an order.
Tell that dingus to dust off.
by PCooper May 06, 2008
To hit someone with brass knuckles or a knuckleduster
He got dusted so hard he forgot his own name.
by Combat 84 June 28, 2004
dead or death
Used in the song: B-real, Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes - Hit 'em high.
"It's like inch by inch and step by step
I'm closing in on your position and destruction is my mission
Though eight is not enough, your whole squad better duck
It's like switch when I bust
Now you're whole crew is dust
Comin' through my area, i'ma have to bury ya
by Anktartisz October 24, 2007

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