Shitty, Sucks etc...
Yo man, You lost your wallet?! That's Dust.
by xKarleighx August 18, 2005
The term dust can be said when talking about masturbating but used in public so nobody knows what you are talking about.

This term was brought to you by mark,Lushi,craig and marc
It is mostly used by us in these sentences '' mum i'm goin to dust my bedroom '' meaning '' mum I am going to have a wank in my bedroom '' and '' I had a good dust last night '' meaning '' I had a good wank last night ''.
by Marc nicholson July 03, 2006
Later on.
"I need to get going. Dust."
by Brian Fellow February 16, 2003
term used when having sexual intercourse, or secretive term used among men to describe a hot woman.
I wanna dust!!!

I dusted last night and it was with ur mom!

(Beautiful woman passes by)
Would you dust?
by Frank Per February 01, 2007
getting high using weed
Yo dude im so dust right now! or Yo you wanna get dust later?
by daverobb893 April 04, 2009
shredded mint leaves that are sprinkled with PCP and rolled into a joint.
I got dusted last night.
by Kash April 07, 2003
A rock band that is so cool.
Dust Rocks!
by Dust April 15, 2003
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