(Slang) - pronounced- Don't know
I Don't know.
Also, you can use it as the same pronunciation such as these sentences:
I Don't wanna (produced/I du wanna)
I Don't feel

I Don't think.....etc
If you told me ya dunno what urban dictionary is I would tell you it's one of the most amazing complicated dictionaries with over 7 million words and definitions
by Kage Maro 2008 March 07, 2015
Short for 'Don't know' also an acronym for 'Do U Need No Opinion'.
A common reply when the asked person feels that there will only be disagreement or required effort if they give an answer.
Do you think this is the best way to get there ?
by Garratt June 23, 2007
(Slang) don't know
You can use it as the same pronunciation such as these sentences:
I don't wanna (pronounced/ I du wanna)
I don't feel (pronounced/ I du feel)
I don't think (pronounced/ I du think)
Notice: (I don't/ don't ) - pronounced- (IPA:I du/ du) as a fast American accent
In some other languages the soft "D" sound pronounced like the "R" sound
So (I don't) pronounced (IPA: I rʊ )
And (don't) pronounced like (IPA: rʊ )
I dunno what are you talking about
by Kage Maro 2008 April 26, 2015
short for 'I don't know' and another way saying 'no'
guy: what are you doing tonight?
girl: dunno

guy: do you want to meet up?
girl: dunno
by metalmilitia May 29, 2009
a word that means you dont know, lost or arent bothered enought to tell you the reason why, who, where or when.
becuase you either dont want to tell or they wont mind their own business
who do you like:i dunno

whats you doing here:dunno broo
by jo-eeeey May 21, 2008
To state that you believe one has made a false judgment.
Girl: You should watch that video.
Guy: No. I don't want to.
Girl: I dunno, it's pretty funny.....
by Bmoore93 January 14, 2008
It is a swift comment simply informing you that you lack any knowledge you have about the situation.
Darnel: ere blud check ma new ting.
Adeolu: ere fam is that fresh.
Darnel: ya Dun No!
Adeolu: I Dun No?
Darnel: Dun No Dun No Dun No.
by Nathan Pacey September 20, 2008
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