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Possibly the greatest car manufacturer of all time. You cannot find better cars for the price. Try. Go ahead! Try to! They don't exist!
"Subaru is totally awesome and the best." - Everyone smart
by Guess who July 29, 2004
What every YOUNG woman likes to be called!
"Excuse me Miss, Do you know what time it is?"
by Guess Who February 25, 2005
an internal detection system which monitors and registers the presence of a hoe and indicates the hoe-nosity level of a person or groups of people one comes in contact with.
As the cheerleaders passed by me, my hoe-dar went wacko.
by Guess Who March 13, 2004
euphemism for intercourse
Clark has not parked the car in the garage yet. He's saving it for someone he really cares about
by guess who May 20, 2004
1)The Floridian version of Peachy.
2)A mood identical to Peachy.
How are you today?
Citrusy... just citrusy.
by guess who December 20, 2004
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