Noun - a bill. Used to let a person know they owe money.

Verb - to be billed for services rendered.
I keep receiving a dun in the mail.

My creditors keeping dunning me even though I have sent them a check.
#bill #post #past_due #pink_slip #receipt
by klong August 14, 2006
Top Definition
Part of the Queensbridge version of the "Dun" language in which words that begin with the letter S are replaced with the letter D so long as it doesn't create another already existing word. Other examples of this language are the words: dolo, doopid.
My duns handle they bidness dolo.
by bigbenyc July 16, 2004
Dun simply means "son". Originally started from a handicaped kid in Queens, NY. He couldn't pronounce son, so everytime he said son, it sounded more like dun. Mobb Deep coined the word and still use it today!
Yo! what up dun?
How you living dun?
#dun #son #friend #man #boy
by pimpsta7 December 02, 2005
It is a slang word started out in Queens, NY

particularly the Queens bridge housing projects

It is a distortion of the word "Son" and is used to reference a friend or someone whose name you do not know

ex 2- i want large fries with that dun
#son #sun #queensbridge #queens #slang
by DaT bOi EsCo December 30, 2007
Originally used in greeting those who names are unknown to you or have been forgotten, dun has been revolutionized to act as a comma or pause in a sentence, indicating also that the following part is of significance and those around should stop what they are doing if possible and pay close attention. However "DUN" is also used when speaking with close friends and can take on several positions of a sentence.
"Ayo where ya going dun"
"Ayo dun, we bout to go down the road and handle buisnes"
"wassup dun" "safe dun"
by The Raven July 15, 2003
group of people, group of friends, posse that you chill with.
my duns and me, we gone go out and loot, nawmsane.
by jyea July 27, 2003
Short for "don't."
Please dun leave me with these two
#synonym #short #text #emo #txt
by Unsolvable August 06, 2011
When you are in your room nuching your flanders and suddenly you realize that you forgot to shut your blinds and your neibor who is cutting the grass can see you and you're like...o man i'm dun
5 piece dun!! 10 piece dun!! o man I'm dun Want some dun? Yer dun!!
by Mark Nuch September 18, 2005
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