Short for Drunken United Nations.
"Yo, the DUN was down on the shore yesterday."
"Got DUN?"
by Jay May 19, 2003
"Dun" is a word that can take on any meaning, or emotion, based on the context of a sentance.

Primarily used for greeting friends, "Dun" is also altered for added "coolness".
Was up, dun?
Yo, that movie was dunny-dun.
Why you bein' dun-dun?
This weed be dun, dunny.
by Anonymous January 05, 2003
A hillbilly noun which can be used in most parts of a sentence.
I dun near brokeoff mah dickhand fixin' that dun there tractor, pa!

Yo dun bess be dun gittin off mah sexwand!

I dun went and dun ripped me a new browneye when i dun went ta pass them chillies.
by RaFF-L September 03, 2003
don't (used by computer noobz)
i dun need that
by MOTHA B*CHE April 22, 2003
came from NY
1. used to name someone like a pronoun
2. used instead of dont and doesnt
1. yo that dun over there is a lil fucker
2. i dun kno what ima do.... nah i dun feel like doin dat
by DITO August 19, 2004
Dun is background music to sing when something bad or stupid happens.
Mary: I Forgot my book
Me: Dun Dun Dun!
by Yoko Mihama May 02, 2005
dun or be dun, in french it means pussy, vagina, cunt, lower female private place.....same thing
kenny is a BIG be dun, he also has a loose dun
by Ned Larson October 20, 2004

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