don't (used by computer noobz)
i dun need that
by MOTHA B*CHE April 22, 2003
"Dun" is a word that can take on any meaning, or emotion, based on the context of a sentance.

Primarily used for greeting friends, "Dun" is also altered for added "coolness".
Was up, dun?
Yo, that movie was dunny-dun.
Why you bein' dun-dun?
This weed be dun, dunny.
by Anonymous January 05, 2003
came from NY
1. used to name someone like a pronoun
2. used instead of dont and doesnt
1. yo that dun over there is a lil fucker
2. i dun kno what ima do.... nah i dun feel like doin dat
by DITO August 19, 2004
A phrase similar to the terms "fucked" and "screwed", which generally means your out of luck.
"awww shiiiiit, you DUN did it now!"
"haha, that foo got DUN did!"
by rihx December 04, 2003
Short for Drunken United Nations.
"Yo, the DUN was down on the shore yesterday."
"Got DUN?"
by Jay May 19, 2003
Dun is background music to sing when something bad or stupid happens.
Mary: I Forgot my book
Me: Dun Dun Dun!
by Yoko Mihama May 02, 2005
An object or happening that is so amazingly awesome that the only word that can describe it is "dun".
"Whoa dude! That's so dun!"
by Maezann May 22, 2007

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