slang for the word "done". Used when you have completed or quitting a task. It is also used to describe when you are bored. Nihilists often use this word. It is popular when using this word to spell it out.
Andy quit his job today, he is dun with it.

I'm D U N (dun is spelled out).

Billy Bob was dun after a night of partying.
by Andy Gibb May 07, 2009
1.) Windows dialer- Dial Up Networking

2.) What you should Git r!
I am currently connected to the internet through DUN

Hey, Larry.
by BObo D. HObo June 19, 2005
contraction or slang of the word done
I dun gone and made my bed
by JJ the Jet plane November 06, 2006
Mobb deeps dun language dun means sun
a term used to greet close friends or hated foes
whats good dun you flip them packs.
(translation)hello friend you sell those drugs?
by Tonedef1 November 23, 2005
To be too tired/wasted/drunk to do anything.
"you're dun, go home, go to bed"
by E D J October 18, 2006
Slang for the lovely word "don't".
Pete: I'm going to throw your c.d.s out the window if you don't shut up!!
Self: Nu! Nu Pete, dun do it!

(Also see definition for nu.)
by Kaylahh July 29, 2006
A phrase similar to the terms "fucked" and "screwed", which generally means your out of luck.
"awww shiiiiit, you DUN did it now!"
"haha, that foo got DUN did!"
by rihx December 04, 2003

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