dun- have
*me and my ole man, we dun been through hell and back but im stayin hitched.

* if i aint love you, i woulda been dun left you"

*I dun did that, i dun been there done that

*he/she/you dun got on my last nerve

* his face is dun(through)<(meaning ugly)!
by kdg333 March 24, 2010
When someone is so wasted/drunk they are unable to speak properly, hence spelling "done" incorrectly.
"Man, after those shots at the party I was D - U - N"
by Clare Ashley August 08, 2007
the state a person is in after finding out or witnessing something that they probably wouldn't want to know or witness, or finding out or witnessing something extremely funny or startling
He was dun! when he found out she was an intersex.
by The Onlyone Xerox April 08, 2007
When something random and unexpected happens, it is customary to shout DUN! at the top of your lungs. There are also numerous perverted uses of this word, i.e. "IM GETTING A DUN!", "LOOK AT MY DUN!", or I LOST MY DUN!"
The word was first used becuase of the movie Signs. As the alien walks by at the party scene, the sudden music and the unexpected alien suggested that DUN! be shouted. It is also used when a UPS truck drives by.
by Goker April 01, 2006
complete, done, finished
I am dun with my dinner.
by DollyJean July 26, 2011
another word for don't
i dun wanna lose this game
by hung March 07, 2005
DUN means everything that leads to a source of enjoyment.
That means when the admins and mods moderate, that's DUN.
When posters bitch about the moderating, that's DUN.
DUN is really bigger than we know.
DUN is anything that leads to a source of entertainment, whether good or bad.
Like the thread about the post count. That's DUN.
The threads calling folk out. That's DUN.
The threads about peoples failures and mishaps. That's DUN.
DUN has no limits. Just embrace it, don't fight it.
DUN is bigger than us. It's an internet wide movement.
Finding Syn's porn password from a google search and using it to log onto his profile on AATU, leading to threads being made about his love for mastodon cock, was so much DUN.
by jrod4422 March 31, 2010

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