noun: a special type of dumplings, with origins in Herndon, VA, coined in the year 2001, with relations to the ling ling dumplings sold at Costco wholesale stores
Mother: Dinner is ready.
Wade: Dumples!!!
by wtgong May 23, 2009
another word for dookie dookie/meadow muffin.
Who didn't flush their dumples?!!?!?!?!?!

you made me step on the compoopers dumples
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
Younger sister of Fat Ass Tine. She has huge dimples in her face and they're so deep that we call her 'dumples.' Dumples is supposed to be said in a deep, transexual-esque voice because she/he/it is a transexual. think drag queen ppl
Brenda tried giving Dumples a fisheye, and Dumples removed one of Brenda's nipples with her teeth.
by Ihatetine November 17, 2004

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