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A person, more often than not, female, who isn't necessarily ugly, but definitely isn't attractive. AKA "dry toast." Someone with no outstanding or identifying traits, average in every way possible(looks, no personality, no real talents, etc.) Plain, unremarkable, vanilla, couldn't pick 'em out of a crowd. A Dumples has no best friends(except other Dumples), but lots of 'acquaintances'. A good synonym would be a "Meg" as in Meg from Family Guy. When in doubt of someone's Dumplocity, picture them dressed/made up. If the makeup wears them instead of them wearing the makeup(kid in her mom's vanity table syndrome), it's Dumples!
"Can you believe she took her Dumples friend Tina with her to the club? You know she was just trying to make herself look prettier. Tsk tsk."

Dumples always lie and try to tell you they're 'models'. All they're modeling is sweatpants.
by Revidescent July 06, 2012

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