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A circumcised cock, no matter the size. Also used for douches who rant incessantly about how everyone should be circumcised, etc.
"Oh, you have a jew cock? wasn't your family atheist?"

"That idiot is a fucking jew cock, always complaining of how ugly the foreskin is, the little fucker."
by asddsa March 18, 2010
Something wich is no more the moment two people know it.
-"Can I tell you a secret?"

-"If you do it will be a secret no longer".
by asddsa June 05, 2010
The Blonde equivalent to the Fire Crotch, but rarer, since even if blondes are somewhat more numerous than redheads (obviously discarding Artificial Blondes), the Golden Crotch can only be found among the clearest on the blonde Hair Spectrum, a very unusual and attractive shiny golden tone, usually no different from the hair color, or not much, unlike most true Blondies who have it light brown-ish. Usually accompanied by Holden Hair in the rest of the Body, even the Eyelashes!
After all the vigorous Drunken Brawling with Catherine last night all that I could remember was that shiny, Blinding Golden Crotch. I felt like I was penetrating a Frikin' Star!

That Golden Crotch was so Bling Bling that her Crabs had fifty Hookers each.
by asddsa May 03, 2010
Old fashioned slang for (Usually Chinese or Far Eastern) Boobies.
Look at Kailee's jiggling dumplings
by asddsa January 22, 2010
A sideways scrotum, ballsack, skinpurse, gonads, children container. A heart? Pffft! don't you see one is lower than the other?
Oh that's so nice <3<3<3<3<3 (Heap of testopairs)
by asddsa April 23, 2010
Something that nothing is.
"Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say "Ni!" at will to old ladies. There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred."
by asddsa February 06, 2010
Supreme God of Computer Programs. Nuff' said.
BitTorrent, God of Gods
by asddsa January 25, 2010

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