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Not double dipping! When a chip (or other dippable food) is dipped, bitten, and then turned over so that the tainted, bitten, and saliva covered part isn't able to corrupt the dip.
Don: Hey man, no double dipping!
Mac: I'm not double dipping! I'm using strategic dipping!
by Zorgithatoob January 01, 2011
An adjective describing a cellular telephone containing a full keypad (containing every letter in the alphabet) as well as the capabilities of slipping, sliding, flipping, or spinning as means of revealing the keypad.
Oh, mah, gawd...that cellular telephone is soooo textlicious.
by Zorgithatoob August 04, 2010
When a consumable food item is eaten, and crumbs scatter across the area.
When I bit into that cracker, there was a crumbsplosion!
by Zorgithatoob August 04, 2010
A football player who would be considered as someone overweight if they had not been a football player.
Johnny: "Man, that Herman Johnson is such a butterbacker!"
Li'l Spicy: "True dat, true dat."
by Zorgithatoob November 27, 2010
Something to be said when some thing completely and utterly random happens/is said.
Duncan: "Hey, do guys seen my chocolate salamander?"
Fandango: "Well butter my back and call me a biscuit!"
by Zorgithatoob November 27, 2010
In which a person's boxer shorts fall down off of their waist completely while their jeans remain perfectly in place.
I was walking down the street one day when I experienced some amazing continental drift. I felt free.
by Zorgithatoob March 08, 2012
a combination of 'snap' and 'ouch' (e.g) 'snouch' A reply to someone whom expresses an insult towards yourself.
Snouch! You just called me a frickin' frick face!
by Zorgithatoob July 28, 2010
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