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A word you get when you are like try'n to make up a mascot name and you're frickin' hungry!
The mascot of CGNU is "the CGNU Dumple"
by Strong Bad December 16, 2003
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to buy dumplings from a cheap restaurant that offers delivery, esp. at 2am while working on psets.
Would you like to dumple? Nah man, Quan's is closed and I can't handle that much grease tonight.
by noodlepoodle4177 February 13, 2014
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The indentation made by the bellybutton of an overweight person when they wear a t-shirt that is a little too tight. Typically accompanies love handles.
Dimple + Dumpy = Dumple
by Sweaty Teddy June 16, 2011
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The small indentation immediately beside the anus. A dumper-dimple.
there was a small piece of tissue stuck in my dumple, but she took care of it.
by LemmeK March 01, 2013
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A round sorta of rolly polyish thing covered in fuzz. and that is just about it.
Ilan: "Yo Ezra, you are quite a dumple."
Ezra: "Fuck You!"
by CairBear August 21, 2007
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A dumple, you know like for eating.
We were really tired and hungry, so we came up with dumples.
by LuckeyHaskins August 01, 2003
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Latin- reffering to a pertruding lump in the pants. Sometimes often known as a semi. Tucking a hard on side-ways or just behind the elastic of one's underwear. Easily reffered to as a Dick lump ridding the ICK and adding the UMP, but who cannot forget the D. Often seen highly in the early 90's of the nearly extinct biker shorts.
(In class)
"Ronald can you come to the board and solve this problem?" ask the teacher.
Ronald: "Umm I think so"
Teacher: "Ronald are you coming up here?"
(Ronald downplays his semi and slowely tucks away the evidence.) (in his head... Damn I'm wearing boxers)
(Ronald stands up and pulls his shirt down over his waist line, calmely turning his poker into a DUMPLE.
Ronald says to himself, " Whoo that was a close one."

"Everyone look at Gary's small DUMPLE!"

Gary- "It's not fair this swimming pool is cold I swear!"

Latoya- "call me silly or call me Latreikaebonikacoya if that aint the biggest Dumple I've ever seen!"

by MR.DUMPLE (DJ)YAK September 21, 2005
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