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did u know that "dude" in arabic means worm??
i swear
an over grown butt hair
hair on your butt thats to big
by dominick July 18, 2003
a memeber of the male sex
youre not a dude, you fucking pansy ass bitch
by bnn June 28, 2003
see bush
Our President is a dude???
by SterFry April 29, 2003
horse shit
dude ranch man... work it out!!
by shazza March 15, 2003
A word that white skater boys that wear etnies say to approach each other
Dude i told you that you need to ask me before you wear my underwear,now take them off
Dude wheres my car?
by nookie11223 October 09, 2005
a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners
a fellow
by ........ May 19, 2004