a guy who cares what he looks like
tim vallely
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
A way for Punks, Skaters, Surfers to try and be cool
"Hey Dude the waves look rad
by tre May 23, 2003
A hair on an elephants ass
You are such a smelly dude
by minorglitch81 October 07, 2008
A hair on an elephants ass...
You are such a smelly dude
by Eric Ferrante October 03, 2008
1) if your cool you say it long
2) when spelled, it is cool to use extra e's and u's
3) even cooler if it is miss spelled
1) duude, what up
2) duuuuuudeeeeee, look at how i added those extra letters dude
3) duuuaahdeee, i can't spell, but its cool brah
by hahaimcool April 25, 2007
A horse penis that somechick thinks is slang for whats up man.
Dude, come here, I gotta show you something dude.
Don't call me a horse penis biatch.
by tully July 29, 2004
Dude is officually a word used to describe an infected hair on an elephant's ass, but has more popularly been used as a synonym for "you", or simply as an exclamation (or a convenient combination of both). It is also used to describe cowboys (as in dude ranch). Also spelled d00d by many of the people in internet land.
ex1) Dude. I am so wasted. Hehe.

ex2) Dude, get your fat ass over here!

ex3) What's up, dude?

ex4) Dude! Where'd everyone go?
by DevolutionaryCyberJunkie May 31, 2004

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