a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners
a fellow
by ........ May 19, 2004
a dude is sumone very cool but at the same time very dumb just like josh bartlett. he is a dude and very dumb
yo dude sup?
by josh bartlett May 07, 2004
1. White way to say nigga used a lot by stoners, surfers, skaters, and me.
2. Also to express anger, shock, awe, etc. basically any emotion just depends on how you say it
sup dude
by lazyassloser April 05, 2004
a whales pussy
a dork goes in a dude
by blah blah blah March 12, 2004
you're boy, nigga, friend, whatever...What most don't realize is that black people be saying it, not just skaters and shit. Come the fuck on and wake up!
Wassup wit yo dude?
by danny January 01, 2004
another term for a camels penis
your such a dude
by M N L October 30, 2003
an over grown butt hair
hair on your butt thats to big
by dominick July 18, 2003
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