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5 definitions by Tatume05

Totally Awesome, Best Thing Ever, Turns Me On, Makes Me Tremendously Happy, Overly Excited Response To Good News
That Rocks My Socks!
You Totally Rock My Socks!
That Rocks My Fucking Socks Dude!
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
An Excited Enthusiastic Hello
Or An Idle Response
Dude What Is Up?
Dude Listen I've Got News
Dude Are You There?
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
I Really Don't Like That
I Fucking Hate That
No Me Gusta That
I Seriously Do Not Enjoy That
When Everyone Leaves And I'm The Only Register Open I Am Not A Fan.

Mullets: I Am Not A Fan!

by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
For Real
I Agree
Tru Dat
Fo Reezie Dude!
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003
Utensil Used To Pretend To Kill Yourself
I'm Gonna End My Life..Gotta Go Find A Butterknife...Cut...Cut...Cut...Drip...Drip...Drip...Bleeding...Moans....Thud...Hits The floor Dead! All Because Of A Butterknife I Am Dead!!!
by Tatume05 June 17, 2003