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Adjective: A descriptive term to be used in describing something as pertaining to having qualities of a dude. However, as opposed to manly, the purpose of dudely is to be used offensively as a descriptive term for a female who is particularly fat or ugly and has qualities to her looks that might make one so confused as to think she was in fact a dude.
"Aww fuck, it's Olga... She's so dudely. I throw up in my mouth everytime I see her. It's like a butterface, except the rest of her is awful, too!"
by Andrew Cohen June 06, 2006
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awesome, radical, tubuleur
dude, giving me that ride was totally dudly of you.
by ricky March 07, 2003
the highest degree of cool. even higher than awesome. something worthy of an amazing dude.
"hey bro, you remember that roller-coaster we went on last year?"
"ya man that coaster was dudely"
by The Dude of America November 14, 2011
A mix of the words "dude" and "totally" in one word.
-Yo dude, did you hear about that concert next week? It's gonna be pretty fly. Wanna go?
-Dudely. I wouldn't miss it for the world.
by lovelaughlaurie January 17, 2011
a person, usually male.
"What's dudely doing?"
by clay west May 17, 2003

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