camel 1: dude your dude's massive
camel 2: i know dude
by Remy May 08, 2005
Horse's Dick -
the original saying being "he's like a cool dude swinging in the breeze"
by noam June 17, 2004
camels foreskin
"dude" thats sweet
by dominic williams March 22, 2004
a dude is a camel's penis init man!
look, did u c da dude on dat camel, MAN dat woz sum crazy ass shit!!!
by becky January 19, 2004
an arabic camels penis
mark: hey look at that dude
goober: hey, its in my mouth!!!
by Navie December 09, 2003
'Dude' is an old, technical term for a horse's penis.
It's embarrassing when you're about to go into the show ring and your horse decides to drop his dude for all to see.
by Takara September 28, 2003
An expression used in the high point of sexual intercourse
ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Yeah l need a ride home now innit?!
by Sexy Dude! August 01, 2003

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