A preppy boy who is an asshole
That guy thinks he is such a hottie, but he's totally a dude!
by Jules and Betz April 21, 2005
Dude is a really funny word.
1. DUDE (doode) means a person which one knows
2. a person in which u dont know
3. a way of saying hi
the best definition of all (and true)

5. an inficted pimple on a male wale's back
1. yo, dude, get me a soda
2.dude, where'd you get that. or Dude, what's ur name
3. Dude!
5. Did u see that dude on the sperm wale.
by ADD March 24, 2005
1. when you are uber stoned and cant think of anything else to say.

2. something you call someone
1. .....hehe.. DUUUDE!

2. like dude.. wasssup?
by someoneUmitekno March 18, 2005
(dd, dyd)
Informal. An Easterner or city person who vacations on a ranch in the West.

A city person that goes to a Dude Ranch to play cowboys and indians.

Dude Ranch - A place where docile horses are leased to pretend cowboys (DUDES) for a weekend of pretend life...

Synonyms: candy man, city slicker, clotheshorse, coxcomb, dandy, Dapper Dan
lounge lizard, macaroni...

"Hey Dude", "U pretending to ride horses in those city cowboy clothes"... ???
Vulgar. The vilest insult in American English, it simultaneously demeans the speaker and the person addressed. Originally a noun referring to effete, ostentatious imbiciles, now a generic derogatory greeting.
Dude, who's stupider–you or me?
by LB Deyo December 22, 2004
A term used to address a male who was well groomed and well manned in the 1700's-1800's
A term used to address a male, may be used in exclamation
Dude! Thats like so totally narly!
by Takun June 26, 2004
1.a word often used by surfers, but others tend to say it.
2. a hair on a elephants asscrack!
1.DUDE! that wave was totally gnarly!
2.That dude is sick!
by michelle June 23, 2004

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