being a happy and excited
"dude. kev, lets go smoke a blunt"

"dduuddee! good idea.
by kevOH August 31, 2006
a common mistake is that a dude is what you call someone if you dont know their name but i find this an insult because it actually means "a camals fore-skin"
whoo dude look at that dude on that dude of a camal
my camals dude is bright red
im so pathetic im going to call you a dude dude.
a pimple on a horses penis
ha ha check out the dude
by bitingopossum June 08, 2006
an endearing term used to describe a friend of some sort whose name you cannot recall at the moment. sometimes sprinkled over sentences like the word "like" has been used for so many years.
"That dude is awesome"
"Like dude that dude is so totally...duuuude...he's gnarly dude...duuuuude"
by BulletproofBabe February 25, 2006
An ambiguous guy who hangs around a girl you're dating who may send vibes that he's sleeping with said girl.
"How'd the date go?"

"Ok, but when I picked her up she was just getting out of the shower, and this dude that lives there was also wearing a towel..."
by desperryado October 31, 2005
A word that white skater boys use to approach each other
Dude, wheres my car?
Dude i told you that you need to ask me before you wear my underwear,now take them off
by nookie11223 October 09, 2005
A preppy boy who is an asshole
That guy thinks he is such a hottie, but he's totally a dude!
by Jules and Betz April 21, 2005
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