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A phrase first used in the awesome cult classic "The Warriors".

Cyrus - "You're standing right now with a nine delegates, from a hundred gangs and there's over a hundred more. That's 20,000 hardcore members, 40,000 counting affiliates and 20,000 more not organised but ready to fight. 60,000 soldiers! Now there ain't but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it?
by Wendy The Vague November 14, 2005
Literally asking someone if they enjoy something or if they are enjoying something at that moment. Asking another person if they are in favor of something. Asking if they approve.
Oh wow, Pink Floyd in concert! Can you dig it?
by Danbridge October 10, 2006
Do you get it; can you feel it; do you comprehend what i am trying to get across?

Phrase made popular in mainstream culture by the classic 70's film the Warriors.

Was used before though by the hippie counterculture; for example Arlo Guthrie said it a couple of times during his apperance at Woodstock.
(youtube it) - Arlo Guthrie WOODSTOCK 1969 - Walking Down The Line
Man i just got beat for 2 oz's, i think im gona just roll up what i have left u down?

That sucks dude, ill throw you some bills though. shit happens, can you dig it?

Yea man, fuckin a
by Dan Druff 69 May 13, 2011
a 70's expression meaning 'you understand?' or 'can you take it?' Often used in blaxtopian movies.
Who's the Man who would risk his neck for a brother man?
Can you dig it?
by Lord Xeras March 29, 2011
Used to mean the same as other definitions. 'Do you understand?'

Oh yeah.

(The Mock Turtles, 1990)
'You won't ever get me down, won't see me hanging aro-o-o-o-und, can you dig it? Oh yeah'

Mock Turtles, 1990.
by O Psuedonym, My Psuedonym June 07, 2010
This phrase appears in several times in the 70s movie 'car wash' at the beginning and during the film when a radio dj from a LA radio station plays black music. His voice sounds like Barry White's.
It also appears in other 'blaxplotion'-movies. In the movie 'Undercover brother' which is a parody to this movies it appears too.
And now we play <insert favourite soul/black music title here>. Can you dig it?
by joe como August 23, 2006
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