Feces. When used this way, generally refers to human excrement. "A dude"
"Aw, man... I just took a dude... and it was a coast-to-coaster.
by Zor Prime December 01, 2003
Jessica's word of the day
Look dude I am gonna be a rock star, can you dig it dude
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
the universal pronoun for "he, she, you, i, they, we, it"
hey, dude, how's your mother's cist?
by Alberta Smith May 29, 2003
a slang word for friend.
dude come here.
by froggy legs May 11, 2003
people use it for no reason and it also means an overgrown hiar that starts at the girls nipple (3-4 feet commenly)
that girl has a hot dude
by happpycow November 06, 2008
Weed,Bomb,Fire Chronic,Dope.
Ill see wassup with some of that dude, after I check my mCarthys
by JayMaC503 January 27, 2008
the proper word for a camels dick.
Idiot :"cool dude"
Smarter Person :"iced camels dick?"
by jkdfhkjfasdljgksdhj September 29, 2007

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