an arabic camels penis
mark: hey look at that dude
goober: hey, its in my mouth!!!
by Navie December 09, 2003
'Dude' is an old, technical term for a horse's penis.
It's embarrassing when you're about to go into the show ring and your horse decides to drop his dude for all to see.
by Takara September 28, 2003
An expression used in the high point of sexual intercourse
ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Yeah l need a ride home now innit?!
by Sexy Dude! August 01, 2003
"what the hell is your dude?"
by Rilo June 27, 2003
infected hair on elephants but
dude ur a but
by Nostradamus14 March 31, 2009
Ten year old piece of roast beef.
"Don't eat that dude dude."
"Why Not?"
"'Cause it's old dude."
by DavidofEbaums March 21, 2009
Nickname for Dhalsim from the Street Figher 2 video game
Ryu took two of three from Dude in that last matchup
by Dave V Smith March 31, 2007
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