also believed to be the scientific term for a camels penis
i thought that humped creature had three legs, but i was wrong, it was merely his dude
by chem March 30, 2005
Another name for an elephants bell end
"your such a dude!!!!!!!"
by B16 March 19, 2005
One who renders himself conspicuous by affectation of dress, manners, and speech. The word was first familiarised in London in 1881, and is a revival of the old word dudes (clothes). We have several derivations, as dudder, one who sells dress-pieces; duddery, a rag-shop; duddle, to wrap up warmly (Halliwell), etc. It is not of American origin. The term is also unisex.
He is a cool dude.
Look at that dude.
by Ram February 23, 2005
dude means camel penis, as well as a term of endearment to a friend or colleague, whether male or female(dudette can also be used for female's)
alright dude, hows it hangin'
by K_PENIS December 19, 2004
an infected hair on an elephant's ass.
Hey, Im not an infected hair on an elepahant's ass!
by sharunr04 August 04, 2004
dude:infected hair on an elephants butt.
Zookeeper: Did you see elephant #12? I think he has a case of the dudes...
by Allison August 01, 2004
An elephant butt hair.
Bob was licking the dude, and he enjoyed it, mmmmm, dude.
by Bob's Sausage June 08, 2004

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