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The journey a man's penis takes as he goes wanders into the colon
By sticking his 12 incher into Billy-Bob, Joe taught young billy the true meaning of love and sodomy
by Clueless February 28, 2003
An actress/singer who should just quit and work the drive-thru at Burger King. Best described by making fun of her lyrics.
Let the rain fall down and take her away.
Let it wash away her vanity.
Because we\'d rather hear the thunder than hear her sing.
by Clueless April 26, 2005
Something people who have a limited vocabulary and think they are cool say about every five words.
Dude it was like totally richeous, Dude I mean, wow.
by Clueless April 25, 2005
To some the \"hottest of hot\" to others\" to others a fantasy, but British actor, sort of hot, and a great actor.
Orlando Bloom is an all around good guy.
by Clueless April 26, 2005

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