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Delilah Under DisguisE

There is girl and g.i.r.l. (guy in real life). Well D.U.DE is a word for females acting as males.
That guy happens to be a D.U.DE
by OolongTea September 30, 2009
3 3
Known to skaters and surfers to be used to replace any word in any sentence and make it make sense.
1. Yo man did you see that dude that walked by?

2. Duuuuudddeeeeeeee

3.I just saw a fat dude walk bye?!
by XXXJUSTINO0000 May 28, 2009
2 2
A word used in common discourse to indicate nothing intelligent or likely will follow.
Dude, I'm totally going to law school!
by Nic`` April 09, 2009
3 3
An Africaans word for 'shit', or perhaps it was spelled dood.
Do not call someone 'dude' in South Africa.
Shit = dude = scatos = mierda = merde
by Cliff Whitty June 20, 2006
23 23
another word for a guy who you don't know
Dude! Come help us with this mulch.
by Mulch March 05, 2006
13 13
Expression commonly used by athletic young males also known as "Jocks" still in the closet to claim their masculinity.

Usually Dudes have secret sex with other fellow Dudes denying automatically this intercourse as homosexual. Most of them also have sex with the opposite gender.
They have unspoken rules as :
"Dude, if there is no eye contact it's not gay"
"Dude, if you don't swallow it's not gay"
"It's just a dude helping another dude"
by BastAustin November 11, 2013
0 1
I went to the doctor to get my dude looked at.
by pinochio the mud shark January 31, 2011
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