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An Africaans word for 'shit', or perhaps it was spelled dood.
Do not call someone 'dude' in South Africa.
Shit = dude = scatos = mierda = merde
by Cliff Whitty June 20, 2006
another word for a guy who you don't know
Dude! Come help us with this mulch.
by Mulch March 05, 2006
A slang word for a camel's penis.
Wow did you see the dude on that camel?
by Nick Weedon September 13, 2005
Originally, 'dude' referred to the hair at the base of a horse's tail. In the late 1800's, horse ranches became known as "dude ranches". And therefore, the men who worked on a "dude ranch" became known as "dudes".
Tell that dude over there to get my stallion saddled-up.
by DarkLotus August 31, 2005
1. An aggravated hair on an elephant's butt.

2. The substitute for someone's name when you don't quite know it properly
-The greatest, most intelligent move the devil has ever made is making us believe that he doesn't exist...
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 24, 2004
I went to the doctor to get my dude looked at.
by pinochio the mud shark January 31, 2011
an interjection to show excitement or emphasis or lack there of. Having nothing to do with an actual male person or person of any sex. It is a word just to convey emotion. Much like "Oh Boy", "YAY!", "WOW", "Totally Tits", "Hella" or "Jesus Tits"
Dude. You have some hella tits. Want to come back to my place and i'll show you what Canadian history is all about.
by Gorilla face vs white dragon April 16, 2010