The incorrect way of writing "Duct Tape"
Person1 - Hey bro, can I burrow some duck tape?

Person2 - Sure Bro.
by Stephan J. August 17, 2014
when something is wack, lame, or untrue
marqus, i saw this movie yesterday&that shit was ducktape!! it was qwaaaaaaaaack!!!
by mzShhhh August 16, 2009
The white shit that comes out of your twanger, aka: skeet, cum, seamen and all that other shit.
"Awwwww yeah man, I ducktaped all over your mom's titties last night...IT WAS GOOOOOOD."
by Zorro September 24, 2004
A mispronunciation, folk etymology, and quack etymology of duct tape. The story that duct tape was originally duck tape is an urban legend. No researcher has ever found a single instance of the adhesive tape developed in 1942 being called "duck tape" until the 70s and 80s, long after it was established that it was called "duct tape" and people were simply mispronouncing it. This urban legend has picked up a lot of steam for various reasons, but is wholly unsubstantiated.
People like to tell the story that "duck tape" isn't really a mispronunciation, but is actually the origin of "duct tape," but the story is just that: a story.
by The Yar October 11, 2006
Calling Duct Tape, Duck Tape makes you look like a royal dumbass.
Rapist 1:"What are you gonna tie her up with?"

Rapist 2:"I'll use duck tape."

Rapist 1:"You're a royal dumbass."
by SillyClownRapist July 02, 2010
Common mispronunciation of Duct Tape. The duck pictured on the label apparently contributes to the confusion over the name.
"Duck tape can fix anything!"
"Except your inability to pronounce the 't' at the end of 'duct.'"
by Stephanie M. January 02, 2004

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