vb. to fuck

In the world of predictive texting, the word fuck is replaced, often unnoticed by the sender, to duck. Known to be common on Blackberries and iPhones.

will you duck me tonight?
by MadHat Unspecific September 05, 2008
Ducks are very sexual.
Lets be ducks.
by paigeaileena August 09, 2008
it means a bitch. Not a female dog bitch, but something you call gilrs
I dont fuck with them ducks like that
by Shells February 24, 2005
Duck means in america "Dumb Un-Educated Constipated Kid"
"Hey look at that kid Owen he's a duck"
by Richmondo August 20, 2014
1; something you say when you don't want to say anything back
2; something you say when you can't think of something to say back
1; person 1: hey! dude! i just banged yer mum!!
person 2: duck.
2; teacher: so what's the answer, billy?
student: umm, duck?
by gnrfever July 31, 2011
a) a penis that is usually infested with 2 or more S.T.D.'s

b) a word that describes ur penis in an exsited tone
a) " my dicks on a flap like a duck!!"
b) "MY DUCK!!"
by bona boie November 28, 2009
Replacement word for Fuck when using T9 or Sure-type messaging.
txter1: Wat u think of bill?

txter2: hes a ducking idiot.
by SamSquanch21 October 04, 2009
among drug dealers, especially in florida in the late 90's and early 00's, the term 'duck' refers to underlings, individuals lower down the distribution network, as in 'get your ducks in a row'. derogatory/belittling.
'don't worry about what he says, he's just a duck'

'that kids a duck, he doesn't know sh*t'
by sai yamama August 14, 2009

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