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Ollie the duck.
by thecooldudehen February 12, 2014
To cum between a woman's toes. The cum sticks to the toes, creating a resemblance to the webbed toes of a duck when spread.
Yo, I ducked this girl I hooked up with last night!

Instead of doing the Superman to that bitch, I gave her a duck job!
by MrFootie March 23, 2011
Nottingham slang when referring to a friend.
Ey up me Duck? = Hi, you alright mate?

No Duck = No mate
by bambispam January 04, 2010
slang, for a really stupid or annoying kid. or someone who does something really dumb.
*kid trips while running* "wow, duck of the day"
by fatblackguy September 07, 2009
it means a bitch. Not a female dog bitch, but something you call gilrs
I dont fuck with them ducks like that
by Shells February 24, 2005
a term for the partner of a person who isn't serious about their relationship. (comes from Duck duck Goose)
kyle: harry's girlfriend is so annoying!
laura: i feel a bit sorry for her- she really likes him, and he's not even that interested in her.
kyle: yeah, she is just a duck. but don't feel sorry for her, she's a bitch.
by muahahaha... September 21, 2011
1; something you say when you don't want to say anything back
2; something you say when you can't think of something to say back
1; person 1: hey! dude! i just banged yer mum!!
person 2: duck.
2; teacher: so what's the answer, billy?
student: umm, duck?
by gnrfever July 31, 2011