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The sweaty and sticky stuff that Paul makes me lick from his gooch
Yo, Paul had so much duck butter yesterday, it made me choke.
by Landru May 02, 2005
12 19
It is when your butthole itches, so you run to the bathroom and itch it with some TP. You examen that TP and lo and behold! That little bit of yellow on the TP is a 'pat' of duckbutter. Everyone gets Duck Butter sometimes. Listen, fuck how everyone else defined this word. this is the truth!
Man this duckbutter is making my asshole itch!
by b-town November 05, 2004
8 15
noun: extremely stank ass ball sweat.

verb: the act of harvesting ball sweat with one's middle and index fingers, then placing those fingers under an unaware victim's nose.
Broderick's duck butter was so rank that it had a stench radius of four feet.

Neil duck buttered Jess so badly after not showering for 3 days.
by Jon Yee October 17, 2004
3 11
A smegma spread used since the early 50's. A popular breakfast condiment
that, incidently, can be savored
"Never mind the grey poupon, pass me
that jar of duck butter!"
by Kleetus Kirklen, esq. August 14, 2004
3 11
A jersey nickname for that one guy on the softball team who's office always reaks of ball sweat.
Our Left Fielder, Dominic, is better known as Duck Butter
by Lefty August 05, 2004
2 10
The man juice that leaks out of the womans vagina after a night of sex.
Janie was dripping duck butter all over the carpet after comming out of the Washington Wizards locker room.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
7 15
Frothy substance collected under the glans (head) of the penis from pro-longed sexual intercourse.
After half an hour of sex, John had quiet a bit of duck butter.
by Rude Webster December 26, 2002
4 12